Cast your burdens onto Jesus! :)

Jesus, ThE OnLy WaY!

A lot of times, during our short course, we want to give up……Tired of all the paparazzi! 😦

well, that’s the wrong word to use, one might think, buy it’s not….It’s the exact word. All of us may not be celebrities but some of us have to face more paparazzi than others. And trust me, it is hard……..people expect perfection and we might not be able to give it to them always…..everybody’s tank will run dry someday!
Just remember this:- when you’ve finished your mission on earth, God himself will call you…..but until that happens, you got to keep going on.
And there is only one way to do that……
Life will be an awesome journey once you begin to let go of your burdens and surrender them to God!! 😀

One thought on “Cast your burdens onto Jesus! :)

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