Have a THANKFUL heart!

This is a story i heard the other day,

“There was a young man named Billy. He was going through extreme poverty and was trusting God for a new pair of shoes.
Once he was walking on the street and complaining to God….”why can’t you meet my needs,lord??”…..that’s when he saw another man lying on the street…Without LIMBS!…NO LEGS!” 😮
Yea, i guess we all have understood the moral. We are all blessed with good homes, loving parents, food , clothes and every other luxuary that we require!….Are we thankful??…don’t we, like Billy, complain about the little things that we don’t have???
Just remember that there is someone who has GOT IT MUCH WORSE than you!

4 thoughts on “Have a GRATITUDE ATTITUDE!

  1. Having an attitude of gratitude clears off many of our heart aches…….Thanks for the post . Let’s learn to know our Father’s heart in every small & big thing of ours….

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