Censor The Mouth! :)

When i got up this morning, i just felt like i had to write about this topic…..It’s an issue which even i find hard to tackle. “The Power of Words” πŸ™‚

How many of us actually run our words through the brain before actually saying it???…Not many!

The tongue has immense power….The power of DEATH and LIFE! ….the words that come out of our mouth can kill a person or even bring one back to life! πŸ˜€ It is really hard to think before we speak..but we just have to cultivate that habit!

Words have Amazing power….so use it encourage people and not to tear them down! use them to build up the lives of people….give Hope and life! πŸ™‚

You’ve got the power in you…just choose to use it wisely! πŸ™‚ CENSOR THE MOUTH!


2 thoughts on “Censor The Mouth! :)

  1. Easier said than done! It’s great advice but not very easy to put into practice, unfortunately. There are so many interpretations and nuances associated with every word and phrase that the possible interpretations are infinite. I find infinity difficult to grapple with. Besides, I don’t know what I think until I see what I’ve said!
    thanks for posting

    1. @rob
      i completely agree with what you say!…it is indeed very very difficult!…even i find it hard to think before i speak. but we’ve just got try to cultivate the habit. Only then can we be better human beings and more loving towards the people around us. The real fact is that some of the words we speak can really kill people, i mean, it can really hurt them. so all i’m trying to communicate is that we should all try to be more conscious about the words that come out of our mouth! πŸ™‚
      i appreciate the comment!,

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