Experience awsumity of life! :)

such a big universe

I’m really sorry about not being able to post anything for the past couple of days….i was out of town!

Here’s a thought!
just look around ….there are so many amazing things.
This world is truly a work of art. The creator obviously took a lot of time and effort into designing the universe! 🙂
The same designer made all of us. And the best part is that each one of us….we are unique and different from the other.Now that is something! 🙂  This big God created everything that we can see. You may think that he is all high and lofty and dosen’t want to interact with his creation. That’s where we all go wrong!
He loves each one of us!

He is dying to make contact with his children. He loves each one of you and wants to be your best friend. I think it’s about time …we should give him a chance!

You’ll be surprised at how awesome life will become! 🙂
datz when you can experience true

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