God created man for one reason!..TO have fellowship with him. But we humans made bad choices and stranded into a life of sin…a life which was not pleasing in the sight of GOD!…ain’t that right?

Since God is Just…he had to punish us for the wrong things that we did…BUT he couldn’t bring himself to do that!

Now, there was a dilema here. He wanted to redeem His children  from the grasp of death…so what could he do?

He couldn’t just forget the fact that we were all sinners…that just wouldn’t be right.  A Price had to be paid. So with a heavy heart, God sent His own son into this world to die for the sins of all mankind. Thats how Jesus comes into the picture.

Jesus died on the cross as the payment for all the mistakes that we’ve made and will ever make.  Now we are free to live again…in God’s good books again.

Thats right…I KILLED JESUS BUT HE SAVED ME! 🙂 ..Now, that is selfless love! 😀        We  don’t have to be afraid anymore….cause our ransom was paid!

So have you got jesus???….if you haven’t…Just ask him to come and live in your heart! Trust Me, you’re life will never be the same again! 🙂

Now, there’s something to think about! 😀


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