He’ll carry you through!

I went out with my family the other day to a skating rink. Since i don’t know anything about skating, i just stood outside and watched as skaters skated their way through the rink. Some of them were extremely good whereas some others were just beginners. That’s when i noticed a little  4 year old girl trying to make it by herself over to the other side of the rink.

She kept on trying, but there wasn’t much she could do, she kept tripping. Sometimes after falling down, she would lay on the floor for a couple of minutes, then a passerby would come and help her get up. Once she is up, the person just leaves. This kept on happening. Finally, when she almost gave up, One of the skating trainers came over to her and helped her through. Carrying her, and holding her hand, they made it to the other side. 🙂

This incident got me thinking. Isn’t this a lot like our lives? We are tired, we trip and fall. People will help us but only to a certain limit.. When you think you just can’t take it anymore, Just cry out to God!! He’ll carry you through the struggle!

Now there’s something to think about! 😀



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