It’s never to late to let it go!

I went to the beach yesterday with my family. It was just beautiful….Just to gaze at the sun as it was creeping over the horizon, to let the waves rock me as i was floating in the water.       Carefree, No worries……a time to cherish…A time where i didn’t have to try to control everything……..Just let the chips fall as the may!

No responsibilities, or sadness or pain or anything. It was very relaxing and rejuvinating. When i looked out into the open sea, it made me feel very tiny and unimportant. The whole world functions on its own everyday without anyone to control all of it……..Have you ever thought about it???

You don’t see the birds or animals or any other creation worrying, now do you??      They are all provided for by a supernatural force or in other words by our heavenly father. He knows each one of his children….our needs, wants, problems, difficulties……..EVERYTHING!  And you can trust him to scoop you up in his arms when the struggles get tough.

Just floating in the water, made me think a lot about these kind of things. Maybe i am holding onto a lot of things…….It’s time to let them go!

That’s the same message i have for you today….Maybe it’s time to let go off those things that are holding you back from enjoying the life God has for you.  mAYBE IT IS SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST….that hurt you, wounded you……You’ve held onto it long enough, let them go!…release all the pain into God’s hand!!                   LET HIM BE!!!……JUST RELAX!….and take a good look at your life!! See where you’ve gone wrong and rectify it !

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! 🙂 …..have a great and purposeful day ahead!


2 thoughts on “It’s never to late to let it go!

  1. I had a similar experience many years ago and I wrote this poem about it,I’d like to share it with you.

    The Ocean

    The ocean doesn’t care,so why on earth should I?
    ’bout all the little things I let intrude upon my life.
    It celebrates it’s self,all the day and every night,
    and when it makes a tidal wave you can’t tell it,
    “That’s not right!”
    Are we really so much different,
    than the lilies of the field?
    Or the waves that crash into the shore
    that never,ever yield?
    Nor should I,I’l take a vow
    “To thine own self be true”
    To live my life never holding back
    and I hope that you will too!

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