How do you talk to yourself?

A man and his small son were out walking through the mountains and at one point, the little boy slipped 20-30 yards down the mountain side. Finally he was able to grab onto a tree branch and hold on, then he screamed out, “Help me!”This voice boomed back, “Help me!”He looked kind of confused and yelled, “Who are you?”

The voice boomed back, “Who are you?”

The small boy was aggravated and said, “You are a fool!”

The voice came back, “You are a fool!”

He said, “You are a coward!”

The voice yelled back, “You are a coward!”

Just about that time, his father got to him. The small boy asked his dad, “Who is that?”

His dad laughed and said, “Son, that’s called an echo but really its called life. See, let me show you something son.” The dad hollered out, “You are a winner!” The voice boomed back, “You are a winner!”

“You are talented!” It came back, “You are talented!”

The dad yelled, “You’ve got what it takes!” The voice rang out, “You’ve got what it takes!”

The dad said, “Son, that’s how life is. Whatever you send out always comes back to you. The question is, what are you sending out about yourself? Start sending out I am strong, I am talented, and I am the best. I’ll make it, I am creative, I am healthy, I am prosperous and I am victorious. What you send out is going to come back to you. Don’t dare go through life being against yourself.” You are Awesome!! 😉


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