Don’t rush through Life! :)

I’ve been having kind of a rough and busy week! And at the end of the week, I felt like I didn’t gain anything much. I just felt weak and tired.

That got me thinking. Life is a really short time and nothing is really fulfilling! Sometimes, we get so caught up in the whole thing that we forget to enjoy those moments of life. I’d like to keep this post short and sweet…..Hit the nail on the head!

Life is short!…..Take time and savour your time on earth insteading of rushing through it trying to get everything right!….It’s okay to be wrong sometimes!….Perfection is not everything.

As they say, “Slow and steady wins the race”. With God on your side, You’ll be able to have a tension free, awesome Life with absolutely no worries. And when you take it easy, You will be able to live and be the person God wants you to be. Be a True example for others to look upto.


4 thoughts on “Don’t rush through Life! :)

  1. Timely message , Jo!! I was in a state of confusing myself wid a long ‘To-Do’ list, which was indeed impossible to be fulfilled in a single day and was on d brim of making my ‘Saturday Off’, a mess. But ur writing was an eye-opener.. I have decided to SAVOUR my time today and to be tension-free. Thanx, Jo… Luv u loads..

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Great job! Expression of thoughts after reflection in life situation with God’s standards! Keep doing it! I am impressed, as I read, I feel it live….as though you are talking it out with a smiley face. Looking forward to have this infection spread to all the JC kidos! I have planned an assignment for you as you return home!
    God Bless you abundantly! Keep going scoring Goals!
    Yours J C Jolly aunty.

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