Plug yourself into the main power source!

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Life
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I was just lying on my bed and staring up when this thought struck me

Have you thought about how useless a fan can be!? I mean, even if you turn it around with your hands, it’s not going to provide some cool effect. It dosen’t serve its purpose without a connection to the main power source. But once it is connected, we can use it upto the full potential.

Isn’t this very much like our lives? We strive and try extremely hard to do things by ourselves, and where does it get us? We end up losing, tired and giving up.

Everything changes when we plug ourselves into the main power source which is God. With His help and guidance, we can make it through life. So stop trying so hard and just PLUG IN! He won’t let you down. With God ,all things are possible. 😀

As the saying goes, If God is For us….who can be against us?!

Have a great and purposeful day ahead.! J

  1. sneha says:

    gud one mayn 🙂 🙂

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