Prayer Works

I’m writing this based on something that I experienced yesterday. I went to audition for this talent hunt. Couple of reasons why I would definately not get selected- My throat was sore, I didn’t decide on a song, and the other teens were simply amazing.

So I watched as everyone got their chance. Some messed up…some were outstanding….and some were all right.  The point that I want to emphasize is that I’m not a great singer..Just better than most. All I could do was say a prayer. finally, I got my turn..I go onstage and start singing. I couldn’t believe it!..It went amazingly well and I got selected for the next round. Prayer works! 🙂

Life can be very competitive and we try to make it to the top all by ourselves. With our talents, attitude , etc…..We try to become the BIGSHOTS !!  We don’t even bother to acknowledge God!


Now thats where we go terribly wrong. Perseverance is important but it doesn’t count if we don’t have God’s blessing in our lives.  With God, everything is possible….
If God is for us…Who can be against us!?? …so remember to always say a prayer before you do anything! We need his blessing to do well in life! 🙂

Have a purposeful day ahead! 😉


One thought on “Prayer Works

  1. yess joee!!! i can undastand hw it is wen ur selected 4 sumting coz of the talent God gave us. Keep up the work !!!! ALL THE VERY BEST 4 D REST OF THE ROUNDS!!! 🙂 🙂

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