Rise Above! :D

There are days when we get up wanting to be cheerful and spread joy. You know what I’m talking about, right? You decide to be a ray of sunshine and you begin the day all determined!? 🙂
And then, someone decides to piss you off! The devil will be out to rob you of your joy. He wants to see you bitter and miserable. He’ll bring someone or an incident that will just kill your mood. Usually, it’ll be something small and absolutely silly. The whole ‘be a ray of sunshine’ concept is history and you’re upset.


This is precisely what satan wants. He dosen’t want us to enjoy everyday life and live upto our full potential. He has this need to crap all over our lives.
Then again, we cant get upset until we let ourselves get upset. It’s almost like a test. God wants us to RISE ABOVE these silly things. 🙂
He wants us to be strong, enduring and patient. Lets make a conscious effort to be ‘a breath of fresh air this week’ 😀 I dont just mean that literally but also metaphorically! 😛
So Rise Above the pointless and silly things! We’re not of this world! Let God shine through you! 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead! 🙂

PS: If you think that my blog makes any sense, share it! 🙂


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