Stand by your Principles!

We all have a few principles in life. Its a list of things that we would or wouldnt do under any circumstance. These are rules that we stand by and uphold.
But sometimes, it just looks like our principles arent getting us anywhere. Everyone else seems to be winning and gaining while we’re stuck in the same position because of our principles. Ever felt like that?


I have. I’ve been feeling like that all week. And the idea of breaking the principle and following the crowd is just too tempting. Maybe you refuse to tamper with accounts at work , use the company telephone to make personal calls, refuse to date before the time is right, gossip about somebody, etc. I almost came to the end of the rope. Thats when i realised this:

God will honour our patience and our principles. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but its gonna happen someday. Dont succumb into peer pressure and follow the crowd. If you want mundane or mediochre, feel free to follow the crowd. People with principles always end up achieving extraordinary things πŸ™‚ so lets remind ourselves that there is infact an Almighty God who smiles everytime we stand by our principle; he’s watching and he’s going to honour you for it! πŸ˜€

Have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚


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