Let God be God in our lives! :D

We always say this line for the sake of it, “if God wills it to happen”. I honestly dont know how many of us mean it.
Just recently an incident happened to me, where me and my roomies had our heart set on something. We wanted it so badly and we even went ahead and made a decision about it. Thats when we realised that we didnt bother to ask God what he thought about this. So we held hands and prayed and asked God for a sign to show us if this was in his will. We waited and the sign appeared. It wasnt in our favour! :/


We felt awful because we’d been together for a year and this thing would definitely solve a lot of our problems. Now there are 2 ways for us to react; we could get angry and go ahead without giving a damn about what God thought or we could realise that God knows what is best for us and stay put.

With much internal conflict, we chose the second option. He probably has something better in store for us. Some things that look yummy may just end up giving you a tummy ache 😦 . He knows the desires of our heart but he also has a Big plan for each of our lives. When our desires align with His plan, He is glorified at the end. He knows everything. I dont know why we try to teach Him things and act like we’re smarter than Him and know better 😛  Lets just ‘Let God Be God’ in our lives and stop trying to do things our way. I know that it is difficult, but this will do us a lot of good in the long run! 🙂

Be a shining light for Jesus and give Him control over your life!  🙂
Have a great week ahead! 😀


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