Walk A Mile In Their Shoes!!

Have we ever stopped to think about the poor and unfortunate people who are sick and dying on our streets every single day? Ever thought about the beggars and even laborers who don’t get a meal to eat when they’re hungry?

Maybe its time that we stopped and thought about it. While we gorge on 5 meals a day, there are people around us who are unable to afford one. There are people who are so hungry and desperate that they eat their own human excreta! Yes! It is that bad!

This is where I introduce the ‘skip a meal’ campaign to you. It was initially started in TISCO by Arpan Roy. Basically, all you have to do is skip a meal of yours and give it to someone less fortunate. You sacrifice something in order to put a smile on their faces.

We decided to do this last week. We skipped our lunch on Saturday afternoon, packed it up and hit the streets. We gave away our food to all those poor folks who needed it. The joy on their faces when they receive a hot meal is indescribable. It gives them a little assurance in the goodness of their fellow man again. And ultimately, we will be able to show them the love of Christ through this. Some of us were on the verge of tears because most of them were diseased, missing limbs, missing fingers and absolutely sick.

_MG_5322 _MG_5332 


We did it and we’re gonna continue doing it. Now, we’re calling on all of you to help us make a difference. Every bit counts. Why don’t you do your part in making a difference in your locality? Join us as we continue our campaign.

Have a great week ahead and let us be a shining light for Jesus. God Bless!

Photo Credits: Dharini Narayan

Special Thanks: Christina Zechariah, Roopa Narayanan, Dhanya Thomas

PS: A big hug and thanks to Josna Joseph for being so enthusiastic about this and taking the first step! 😀


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