2015 with God!? :)

2015! It is officially a new year which brings with it something amazing. Possibilities. It is life’s way of telling you that it is okay if you have failed and handing you yet another chance. And if you’ve achieved something last year, it is life’s way of telling you that you can do more! Tap into these possibilities this year because you really dont want to live with regret. That’s cancer to your mind!

It could be the start of something new in your lives. Let’s begin this year with zest and a passion for life and the people around us. Love with all your heart, Laugh till tears come out, Forgive people who have hurt you and forget it, Be extraordinary and passionate about everything you do. In a nutshell, Keep God as the centre of your attraction this year and begin a serious walk with him. He will not leave you or ever stop loving you. He is calling out to you! Are you going to answer ?


He has something amazing in store for you. He’s got plans to give you a hope and a future and wants the best for you!
I had a rough start this year; I was all by myself surrounded by people I didnt know. But I guess that’s okay because I had Him with me and I stepped into 2015 with Him holding my hand and leading my way. You take the first step and he will have already paved out an entire road for you!
So, Lets begin this year with God because He is the only one who won’t ditch you on the way.

Have an amazing year ahead, my lovelies! Jesus loves you and so do I! Go out and make your Daddy proud this year! 🙂
God bless 🙂


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