Rational behavior Vs Amazing love!

As a student of Economics, you’re taught that all actions of human behaviour is based on rational thinking. It says that human beings or consumers weigh out their options with the level of satisfaction they will acquire and go on to make decisions. I think its safe to say that most of us do carry out activities after doing a little bit of a cost-benefit analysis.

Then, there is the law of substitution. This occurs when you substitute one commodity in place of another because both give you a similar amount of utility or satisfaction. Now that we’ve got our info right, let me tell you about the only time in history when the laws of rational behavior was thrown off the table and amazing love reigned. When people invest, they want to get their money’s worth. Nobody goes into a store and pays a billion dollars to buy all of their expired products. But that is what God did. He bought the miserable sinners, dying drug addicts, hopeless drunkards, liars, cheats, adulterers…He gave up his Perfect Son and bought all if us sinners with His precious blood. It seemed like the perfect bargain to Him. And thats not the worst part! Do we care about God? do we find time to thank Him? We constantly stray and run away from Him. But thats where amazing love is reinstated again! If he had to give up all he had to buy you back, He would do it all over again. Because you are precious to him and if giving up all He has is what he has to do to get you back, He would do it over and over again.


Amazing love! A kind of love that gives and gives without asking for anything in return. A kind of love that is kind and compassionate, forgiving, enduring and abouding. Take a few minutes of your busy schedules and try to understand the intensity of this amazing love. 🙂
Have an awesome week ahead, my lovelies 🙂
God bless!


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