RUN TO GOD- It’s Never Too Late!

This was written by a friend of mine who wants to stay anonymous. I think he’s on to something amazing here. Give it a read and give him some love or a shout out if you think this post makes sense:

The other day I was watching this video of a cheetah chasing a deer. The deer was running for its life in the wilderness and it had nowhere to go and yet it still kept running not realizing that the cheetah is faster. In the end, the cheetah pounces and devours. On seeing that clip I was thinking…..…aren’t we like that deer? Trying to run away from sin which is a whole lot stronger than us? We try to outrun the devil with the misconception that our mind can help us defeat sin. I hate to break it to you, but the devil is stronger and faster than you.

You have a way out- Ask God and run to the one who gave His life for you. No matter how pathetic or how deep we have dug our pit, if you seriously wanna get out and quit, you can. Let it be addictions or Lust or Anger or Dishonesty or be it anything. You could run from all this on your own but I’m pretty sure we can’t run much. Or at least that’s what I learned when I tried to run by myself. I had all of these above mentioned issues. I couldn’t imagine a day without smoking at least 5 cigarettes. I knew the consequences and so I badly wanted to quit. I tried nicotine gums and patches. I tried painting my lips with Glycerin and lime mix. I tried to gather the willpower and self control to say ‘No’. Fail, fail and fail. And then I asked The Lord. Yeah, that might sound a bit HOLY or religious, but believe it or not, it helped me reduce the number of cigarettes from 5 a day to 1 or 2 in a month!!!!


Oh but let me remind you one thing: DO NOT EXPECT AN INSTANT ANSWER FROM THE LORD!!!! Be it any reason. Cause that’s how The Lord works. We are so impatient and expect an instant answer and when we don’t get it we often tend to lose hope in the Lord. Well let me remind you this: You wanna change, you need to be patient. I didn’t quit smoking that very instant after praying to the Lord. In fact I smoked a little more than usual that day. But then I was able to reduce the number of cigarettes the following days; from 5 each day to 4…3….2…then once in two days, three days…..once in a week…..and I’m still working on quitting completely!! It’s the same with all the other sin. For me it was addiction to cigarettes and yeah lust, anger too…which I’m still working and progressing on; for y’all it could be anything else

The Bible says in James: “Draw near to The Lord and he will draw near to you!” Gods’ the one that does the changing, but we’re the ones that have to come and be willing to be changed. The choice is yours. You could enjoy the pleasures of sin like how a pig enjoys and rolls over shit in the pigsty or you could get up from there and get yourself cleaned up. There’s a common being in the heart every breathing human, WE ALL WANNA CHANGE, WE ALL KNOW WE NEED CHANGE. So why wait?

Have a blessed week ahead. God bless y’all!!!


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