Who owns you?!

Hypocrisy is a funny thing. It is a situation where you think you are completely right while you go ahead and do something that is contradictory. You can’t get any blinder than a hypocrite. Let’s try to understand why some people behave the way they do; it is because their vision is too clouded by their own ideas that they have gone astray. Satan’s mission is very precise and to the point. His target is your ‘Mind’, his weapon is his ‘Lies’ and his purpose is to ‘Entice you and make you ignorant of God’s will’. He’s got some strong soldiers too- Fear, doubt, discouragement, rejection, inferiority, temptations, money, etc.


In Mathew 6:24, Jesus says that ‘No one can serve two masters’. It’s very plain and simple. What he means is that if you’re going to follow him, he wants you all in. Otherwise, you might as well go and serve the devil. No matter how open minded you may be, sin is sin in the eyes of God and there is no way he could excuse you for that. You can’t be in church on Sunday and go clubbing in the weekend and get sloshed. You can’t tithe every month and yet be dishonest in your business and dealings. You can’t watch ‘Letters to God’ and total filth on the next day. You can’t volunteer at a shelter and still not have integrity on other days. You can’t soak in God’s presence and get high on weed when you feel depressed. You can’t be with your brothers and sisters in Christ on Sunday and lust for women from Monday to Friday. These are a few choices that you are going to have to make. You cannot walk with God and hold hands with Satan at the same time.

Maybe Hannah Montana got to be the rock star and Miley Stewart got to be the regular teenager, but sadly, that is not how the word of God works. You don’t get to have a dual personality and do contradictory things which mirror two different forces. You may be able to fool people but you can’t fool yourself and more importantly, you can’t fool God. Ultimately, you can be certain that what you carry on the inside will show itself on the outside. Your exterior will mirror the master you serve on the interior. In very simple terms, get rid of all the things that are not noble and pleasing in the sight of God from your mind because in the long run, you need to pick one. Jesus will never force you on to His side; the choice is yours. Death and life are set before you.

He hopes that you will choose ‘Life’. Choose ‘Jesus’.

Have a great week ahead, my lovelies! God bless! 🙂


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