The Greatest Love Story of All Time :)

There is this beautiful story about a man called ‘Hosea’. Now, Hosea was a prophet of the Lord; a strong believer who was very close to God’s heart. He would do anything God asked of him because he was a good and faithful servant full of passion and zeal for God. But I’m afraid we can’t say the same about the people around Him. They were into all kinds of sin and had wickedness; drugs, sex, homosexuality, lust, unfaithfulness, idol worship, alcohol, you name it and they had that problem. It was during this time that God asked Hosea to go and get married to a prostitute named ‘Gomer’. Now, if God asked any of us to do that, We would’ve been like ‘Are you serious!? She is an absolutely despicable human being! Her?’. Hosea never questioned God. He went ahead and married her.

Gomer had a problem. She could not remain faithful. She was enticed by the pleasures of the world and she would slip away to her old lifestyle. She knew that Hosea loved her but that did not seem enough. She wanted the best of both worlds. So, she cheated. He would forgive but she cheated over and over again. She never felt bad about it and continued to go behind Hosea’s back. Finally, she left him, got into a lot of trouble and came to be known as a world class prostitute. The people of the vicinity decided to auction her off and sell her to the highest bidder. Now, think about this. Gomer was shown ‘Unconditional Love’, but she forsook it for pleasures that would not last. But how do you think she must’ve felt when she was there at the market place; half naked, embarrassed, ashamed, caught in the act of adultery multiple times, everyone judging her, treated like a piece of meat … What must’ve been running through her mind? Maybe she condemned herself and said that this was her fate. Maybe she wished that she could undo the past. Maybe she wished she hadn’t cheated on Hosea who loved her with all his heart. Either way, I’m sure she was miserable and ready to accept her fate…ultimately death.

love story

This is my favorite part of the story. Hosea was in the crowd when the auction was going on. Imagine what he must’ve felt. He was such a good man, did everything that God asked of him and loved the wretched woman with all his heart. She did nothing but cause him misery over and over again. She broke his heart every time but he chose to love her even after that. Do you know what he did? He bid all he had to save his wife. He lost everything; all his hard earned earnings, and he went to the square, picked her up and took her home.

This is exactly how it is with us. We revert back into the sins of this world but we have a God who showers his amazing love on us and takes us back each time. Even if we condemn ourselves as sinners, He won’t. I read this line in a book, ‘He pounds DO NOT ENTER signs on every square inch of Satan’s gate and tells those hell bent on entering it to do so over his dead body.’ He loves you with an unconditional love. There is nothing you can do that would tick him off. He forgives over and over again and will only love you more.

Will you accept this ‘Unconditional Love’ today? Think about it.

Have a lovely day ahead! God Bless! :*


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