Would you have FOLLOWED Him?

So there’s a new guy in town. This dude was simple, down to earth; a carpenter. He was calm, gentle and did not have any airs about himself. He moved along with the people and had begun to teach them the secrets of the kingdom of God. The news spread like wildfire. He had the power to perform miracles; the blind would be able to see, the deaf would be able to hear, the lame able to walk, the dead would rise. The name called ‘Jesus’- People were confused. Was this the ‘Messiah’ or was he a false prophet who did all this with the help of the ‘Father of lies’? He must’ve been the headline of every newspaper, content for all those talk shows and the main topic of conversation.

It was around this time that Jesus went up to a few fishermen and said, “Come and follow me”. Now imagine what could have been running through their minds- ‘Are you serious? Like, you expect us to simply drop our lives and move around with you? We’re not even sure if you are the real deal!’ Maybe they thought that he was joking, laughed and brushed it aside. What if they wanted to follow him because they felt it strike a right chord in their hearts? Even then, I’m sure that they had lives. Peter must have had his elderly parents to take care of. Maybe John had to provide for his family. Maybe Mathew found it difficult to leave his well paid government job because Jesus didn’t really promise them any fringe benefits on earth. Maybe Thomas had to think of his career and wanted to excel in it before Jesus called him out. Maybe James and John had to take care of their ageing father, Zebedee and could not just expect him to pay all the debts in their house. These were all regular people with regular problems- Financial, emotional, psychological, and physical, etc. They could’ve reasoned out in their mind that the best thing to do would be stay put and carry out their respective duties.


But they did not. Their ears were tuned to the voice of God; they left everything then and there and followed Jesus. No questions asked, no good bye said, just complete obedience. It is simple: When the King of the Universe, The Creator, The All Powerful, and The Magnificent God calls you to follow him, you don’t ask questions. Why? If He has called you out, He is faithful to provide for you. Quite often, our first priority is our families, then career, education, money, etc. We tend to give God the last slot; at the end of the list. Maybe it’s time for us to reshuffle and re-prioritize. Once you keep God as the centre of your universe, everything else will fall into place. On the other hand, if you try to fix everything by yourself, you’ll end up struggling…and failing.

Just some food for thought. Have a wonderful day ahead, guys!

God bless! :*


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