The Royal Rule of Love

Protestants, Catholics, Baptist, Brethren, Believers, take a look around you and you’d realize the extent to which we’ve created segregation. Don’t wear jewelry, wear white clothes, women should be silent in churches, Don’t sing loudly… We’re often so focused on the rules and regulations that we lose out on the essence of God’s love. He doesn’t care. You can go to church in your Sunday best or a shabby tee and jeans. He doesn’t care about how important you are; you could be the president for all He cares and even if the church elders give you a special position, in God’s books, you’re nothing; a Big Fat zero.

As far as God is concerned, the criteria is simple. If you love God, you have a place in His kingdom. No formalities, no questions asked. He takes one look into your heart and that’s that. Irrespective of your color, race, culture, you’ll be promoted to the position of a ‘Child of God with’ all the rights and privileges. Do you know who is guaranteed to go to heaven? People who love God with all their heart and have invested heavily in a relationship with him. You could be a preacher or servant of God and still fall short of this standard.


The Royal rule is concise. “Love other as you love yourself” If you’re able to pour out the love of God to your fellow neighbor without a hint of judgement, you’re on the right track. God didn’t put you on this earth to judge others and decide whether they’ll make it or not. You are called to be an ambassador of love; An emissary showing the same kind of love that was shown to you. You’re here to hold someone’s hand and help them get to the other side. You’re here to be Christ’s hands and feet. You’re here to plunder hell and repopulate heaven. You’re here to stretch out your arms and help the next sinking person find his way back to solid ground.

Also, Love, Mercy and kindness shouldn’t just be words used in your church. You’ve got to actually put it into action. Faith and works go hand in hand. When you see that someone is in need, you’ve got to extend your arm and help. Rest assured, God will grant you blessings double fold. All you have to do is be the embodiment of God’s love. And this is not easy. It takes constant effort because we’re human and our first instinct is to judge.

Take some time to think about it. You cant change the world right away; start with your immediate circle. Find ways through which you can show love. It could be the simplest things that make a difference. Listen, have meaningful conversations, start to care. Actions do speak a lot louder than words.

Let’s give it a shot this week. No Segregation. No Division. No Judgement.

Only Love, Love, Love.

(Go ahead and read James 2 once you’re done with this post. You’ll get a lot more clarity.)

Angry & Frustrated!?

When you’re taken out of your comfort zone, you get restless and that’s when your real strength is tested. In a nutshell, the situations that I was in, started to take its toll on me. I became tone deaf. I couldn’t hear the spirit anymore. I couldn’t hear anyone anymore. I felt lost. All I wanted was to go back to my comfortable life with people who I could relate to.